About Me

Hi, I’m Michael. Thanks for visiting my page! I’ve been a Technical Animator since 2017, working in a wide range of areas of game development. If you’d like to see which areas exactly, check out the https://namination.co.uk/skills/ page.

A bit more about me as a person: I decided on a career in games after seeing the Net Yaroze in a magazine, realising that video games weren’t made in secret government bunkers but instead by regular people.

Fast forward twenty or so years and one digital arts degree later, I got my first industry job as a tester. It was an amazing entry level job and I’ll be forever grateful for the perspective on project planning it gave me.

I’ve always loved making art and programming though, so tech animation appealed. It’s the intersection of creative and technical skills that drew me in. There’s also something satisfyingly altruistic about a career where your job is to make other people’s jobs easier.

When I’m not hard at work making fun things for you to play, I’m at home with my games or books, out at an industrial estate somewhere falling off a bouldering wall, or studying languages. Right now, I’m learning Japanese! 今日本語を勉強しています!